$400 Million Suit against Health Care Business Owner for Groping, Sex

An employee of a New York home health care company is suing the owner for $400 million.

The female employee alleges that the married owner harassed her at office work parties, grabbing her rear at one and trying to kiss her at another. In addition, she claims he harassed most of his female employees over the past 15 years through sex, groping, or other means.

He, on the other hand, claims she’s disgruntled from being moved to another position after returning from medical leave. In opening statements, his attorney said she not only didn’t mention the alleged gropings to anyone at the time, but also invited the owner to a party at her house a month after one of the alleged incidents.

A former employee testified she had a two-year affair with him back in 1992 until she learned he was also having sex with other women in the office. She said that he was propositioning nearly all the female employees, and many quit or were fired after rebuffing him. She also felt he “felt free to prey on women who were of immigrant backgrounds like myself, many who were poorly educated, because they had a difficult time obtaining well-paying employment.”

And the name of the health care company? Special Touch. Really.


One Response to $400 Million Suit against Health Care Business Owner for Groping, Sex

  1. Jeff Toister says:

    It seems a lot of the people profiled in your recent posts have misunderstood the term “hands-on management”!

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