Former “Price is Right” Model Sues for Pregnancy Harassment, Discrimination

A former model on the game show “The Price is Right” has sued CBS and other defendants, claiming pregnancy harassment and discrimination.

She says that she was harassed due to her pregnancy and that producers refused to allow her to come back after pregnancy leave, then fired her. She also claims this conduct was part of a pattern and that she saw directors harass and fire two other pregnant models.

According to the lawsuit, coworkers made comments about the size of her breasts and waist. The show’s stage manager allegedly made a number of jokes and comments about her weight, including proclaiming, “Wide load coming through” when he saw her.

She miscarried five months into her first pregnancy, allegedly due to severe stress. When she informed a female producer about it, she was told that the miscarriage was “nature’s way of getting rid of a bad baby.”

My take? If she can prove the comments and conduct and can prove that the harassment caused her miscarriage, CBS could be looking at a price that it will not like at all behind door number one (to mix game-show metaphors). (Remember my blog from last year on the $2 million plus verdict against the City of Los Angeles for a case where the jury found pregnancy harassment resulted in a stillborn birth?)

Source: Karina Brown, Courthouse News Service


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