A Busy Week for Harassment Lawsuits in the Entertainment Industry

A former producer on the Joaquin Phoenix documentary film sued director Casey Affleck, brother of Ben Affleck, alleging hostile work environment and quid pro quo.

Meanwhile, a former assistant prop master on “House, M.D.” alleged hostile work environment, discrimination, and retaliation.

Last but not least, a former extra on “Bones,” who is an aspiring actress and is represented by Gloria Allred, alleges actor David Boreanz sexually harassed her.

But it’s not necessarily all bad news for the entertainment industry. Maybe Lifetime can make a movie or two out of it. Seriously, though, without judging the truth of the allegations (all or most of which have been denied), the entertainment business has a long history of alleged problems with sexual harassment and retaliation. And any company that ignores harassment claims does so at its extreme peril.


One Response to A Busy Week for Harassment Lawsuits in the Entertainment Industry

  1. I can’t remember a defendant in a Sexual Harassment claim that admitted the allegation, however, with most of the cases settling it’s virtually impossible to determine the extent of the problem. How often is it that we hear a snippet of an allegation, and then, boom, it’s gone. I’m certain, because Hollywood is a one horse town, the numbers of victims of sexual harassment never come forward in the first place. Too many people are afraid that they “will never work in this town again.”

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